The Founder's Story of the Company



The story happened 23 years ago, in the countryside of Hubei Province, a little girl had her wonderful childhood with her grandfather.

The little girl was May, her grandfather was a skilled wood carver who was well-known in that town. So grandfather could earn some money to send May to school while most of other children stayed on farm to do farm work. Many people in the town only can solve the problem of food, they couldnt afford to pay for education for their children. After school, May usually went to the workshop to see grandpas working. There are so many species of wood in the workshop, May were so interested in the wood crafts grandpa made, she used some small pieces to learn how to carve and create some wooden toys. There was no doubt that it was an enriching time for her and grandpa.

With the progress of CNC technology year by year, grandpas business turned into the endless winter. He couldnt compete with machine because of low efficiency of hand carving. But he was employed as a senior technician by a big wood carving factory. Then May spent her college years smoothly.

Many years have passed, grandpa has passed away. May got a different life from her friends in that town. She met her husband in Shanghai, they are doing the foreign trade business in textiles. But May felt that there was something missing in her life, she wanted to do something about carved wooden products which brought great

happiness and power in her childhood. Even more, she wanted to express her love to grandpa. So she founded a new company to be agents for several factories to sell carved wood mouldings, carved wood onlays, corbels, wood mirror frame and other furniture ornaments.

Yes, you are right. The company is what you see here. We are so appreciated for your inquiries, we are doing what we like. No matter you require or not, we will send people to inspect quality for twice. When the order is in the production line and when all the goods are ready. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will do our best for your satisfactions.